Fuego (spicy) Philly Sandwich

Sirloin steak with grilled onions and peppers with melted pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapeno pepperoni, fried jalapeno slices served with spicy queso

Fuego (spicy) Philly Sandwich



1 Sandwich


1 ea.

Hoagie roll, 6-inch

4 oz.

Sliced steak, cooked and seasoned

1 oz.

White onions, sliced

1 oz.

Green and red peppers, seeded and sliced

2 slices

Pepper Jack cheese

1 oz.

Pepperoni, or spicy pepperoni


Spicy Queso sauce

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  1. On a flattop grill cook sliced steak, sauté onions and mushrooms and mix all together

  2. Toast the hoagie roll and place the roll over the top of the meat, add pepper jack cheese and sautéed vegetables and then place jalapeno pepperoni and serve with (optional) spicy queso


CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: you can put any spicy spin on a build like this.  replace the bell peppers with Hatch chilis and you are instantly Sante Fe or Southwestern inspired.  Call out different spicy chilis, poblano, ancho, serrano and all spicy but not too hot.  You can also add flavor into the seasoning blend for a seasoned steak.