Creative Restaurant Operation Ideas

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Meal Kit icon     Meal Kits

Help customers reproduce the dining experience by packaging your signature menu items for cooking at home. Transfer concepts by marinating in proprietary sauces and including the needed staple items to inspire customers wanting to prepare something special without being able to go out to eat.


subscription icon    Subscription Services Let customers sign-up for a recurring order based on their individual preferences. It could be something as simple as one dinner a week, or as involved as three meals a day. Provide them with each day’s or week’s prepared offerings and let them choose which meals they would like for that time period.


Grocery bag icons     Offer Groceries

Restaurants are selling surplus products and pantry essentials directly to customers. Many operators have turned their focus to traditional off-premise, but some independent and chain restaurants have pivoted to selling groceries to help stay afloat.



dining bonds icon    Dining Bonds


Allow customers to purchase gift cards now to be redeemed at a specified later date for a higher value. Not unlike old wartime tactics, issuing these gift cards will help keep your business operating now and your customers coming back later. Get started at


Prepared icons     Prepared Meals

Offer family-sized meals as part of your regular takeout/deliver service. These meals can be ready to heat and eat right away or frozen to be enjoyed at a later time.


gift card icon     Crowd Funding & Gift Cards

Provide customers with opportunities to assist others by donating meals to the community for feeding nonprofits or kids missing out on school lunch programs. A little can go a long way in these tough times—we can make it through together.




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