Bonici® Pork Chorizo Crumbles flatbread pizza

Chorizo To Please All Senses

You can give any dish a spicy, globally inspired kick with Bonici® Pork Chorizo Crumbles. Made with a blend of authentic chorizo seasonings and cut into larger and more random-sized pieces, these crumbles look and taste like you made them yourself from an old family recipe.

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  • 100% pork and all-natural* ingredients

  • Variable piece sizes

  • Fully cooked

  • Menu versatility

  • Easy prep


  • Assures the quality you demand to further elevate your menu

  • Provides a more house-made look with larger pieces for greater visual appeal and smaller pieces for better coverage

  • Delivers back-of-house efficiencies, greater speed to plate and reduces food safety risks

  • Enables you to add a globally inspired flavor to pizza, appetizers, breakfast items, bowls, Mexican dishes, sauces and more

  • Accommodates your back-of-house needs with easy prep using a pizza oven, conventional oven, flat top grill or stove top

Chorizo has experienced a 12.3% growth on menus over the last 4 years1


Watch the culinary demo for Bonici® All Natural* Fully Cooked Pork Chorizo Crumbles.

Culinary Demo

Learn how to serve Bonici® All Natural* Fully Cooked Pork Chorizo Crumbles in your operation.

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Cover of the Bonici® All Natural* Fully Cooked Pork Chorizo Crumbles menu guide

Kick things up with spicy chorizo

Bonici® Pork Chorizo Crumbles provide the perfect way to add instant intrigue. Let these flavorful explorations inspire your own spicy new creations.

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1Datassential SNAP, Nov. 2019

*All Natural products are minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.