Bistro Chicken Pasta Salad

Tender diced chicken tossed in a cold pasta salad with whole grain rotini pasta, broccoli florets, shaved red onion, black olives, diced tomatoes, chopped spinach, fresh Italian parsley, Parmesan cheese and an Italian herb-garlic vinaigrette. Chicken= 2.00 oz. m/ma Pasta= 2.00 oz. equivalent grains

Bistro Chicken Pasta Salad



Italian Herb-Garlic Dressing

1/3 cup

Cider Vinegar

1 1/4 tbsps

Ground Black Pepper

2 1/2

Italian Dressing

1 2/3

Italian Herb Seasoning Blend dried commercially prepared

1 2/3

Minced Garlic dried

Step 1

6 cups

Fajita Dark Meat Strips

1 tbsps

Black Olives sliced canned drained and rinsed

1 1/4 cups

Broccoli Florets fresh chopped

3 cups

Italian Herb-Garlic Dressing see recipe

1 2/3

Italian Parsley fresh washed destemmed chopped

2 tbsps

Parmesan Cheese finely shredded


Parmesan Cheese finely shredded

2 1/5

Red Onion fresh peeled shaved

1 1/4

Red Tomatoes fresh washed dice

1 1/4

Spinach fresh washed destemmed roughly chopped

10 cups

Whole Grain Rotini Pasta cooked al dente

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Italian Herb-Garlic Dressing

Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk together until thoroughly combined. Transfer the prepared dressing to a food-safe container, cover and hold under refrigeration at or below 40°F until ready to use.


Step 1

Evenly arrange the chopped fajita chicken strips on a sheet pan lined with baking paper and heat uncovered in a preheated 350°F convection oven for 12-14 minutes, or until the minimum internal temperature reaches 165°F and the chicken begins to brown. Once the chicken is heated, remove from the oven and cool down under refrigeration at or below 40°F to a maximum internal temperature of 40°F. Once the chicken is completely cooled combine it, along with all of the other ingredients, in a large mixing bowl and mix together until combined well and the ingredients are evenly coated in dressing. Transfer the prepared pasta salad to a food-safe container,  cover and hold under refrigeration at or below 40°F until ready to serve. Marinate the pasta salad for a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 36-hours. Alternatively, portion 2-cups each of the prepared pasta salad into individual serving bowls, and hold the individual bowls covered under refrigeration at or below 40°F until ready to serve. One bistro chicken pasta salad per serving. *Chef’s Suggestions* For an alternate serving suggestion, omit the diced chicken from the pasta salad and instead toss it with 2-teaspoons of Italian seasoning and serve ⅓-cup atop each bowl of prepared pasta salad.

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