Better Breakfast: Keys to Success

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WHETHER YOUR BUSINESS offers complimentary or paid-for options, the popularity of breakfast is on the rise. And guests’ expectations are rising with it. They want variety and quality. Luckily there are a vast number of ways for you to meet those expectations that will make a positive impact on their day and, therefore, their impression of your venue.



Keys to success:







"Ethnic and unique options, as well as breakfast all day have been identified as having the most impact on driving breakfast sales."

—Technomic Breakfast Consumer Trend Report 2017


Protein variety

One option is to provide new and imaginative protein menu items that will surprise and delight a wide variety of guests. Of course, it is important to have a mix of more indulgent items as well as better-for-you options with callouts like “All Natural” and “Gluten Free” or some that use proteins such as chicken.


"60% of consumers said having a wide variety of breakfast options is the most important menu attribute."

—Technomic Breakfast Consumer Trend Report 2017



On-the-go options are a great way to keep guests spending on premise even when they venture out. A large portion of consumers are interested in portable packaging for breakfast items and many appreciate the ability to take the most important meal of the day with them wherever they may be and at any time they choose. In fact, as Gen Z continues to enter the work force and travel for leisure, the value they place on what is included in a hotel breakfast and how that differs from older generations could have a significant impact.


"One in five younger adults eats breakfast while in transit."

—Technomic Breakfast Consumer Trend Report 2017

Breakfast bowls are a great way to offer traditional breakfast fare in a portable form that’s perfect for off-premise consumption. This makes them particularly appealing to guests who might not be spending in your operation otherwise.

For more information on these products and others visit the Breakfast Buffet page.



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