Banquets and Catering in Today’s Environment

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AS YOU WORK TO COMPETE in today’s environment, we understand that there are several factors you have to consider when trying to differentiate yourself from your competition. One component we’ve seen really set some operations apart is offering a unique experience and versatile food and beverage options.


We’re happy to offer a portfolio of products that can help you capitalize on this audience and deliver an experience that, not only satisfies the host’s needs, but meets your operational needs as well. Things like:


CUSTOMIZATION—to fit different station types and many different flavor profiles.

LABOR EFFICIENT—Using recipe-ready proteins allows your staff to focus on driving customer satisfaction.

RELIABILITY—Rest easy knowing that each product will deliver the same great taste from the first plate to the last.


Of course, as you know, an important factor when considering banquets in your venue is how much flexible space you have to offer guests. Large customizable areas allow you to offer this option to a wider array of businesses and guests but the use of non-traditional banquet spaces is growing.

Helping your guests develop experiential menus and settings for these events while focusing on micro- customization down to every detail can allow guests to achieve the most influential banquet experience possible—from brainstorming to networking. And the better experience they have, the more likely they are to remember and recommend your venue.


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For more information on products that are ideal for banquets, visit Tyson Foodservice's Banquets site.













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