Save up to $500 on a product that looks like you just pulled it off the grill.

Introducing Tyson Red Label® Authentic Grilled Chicken, featuring more authentic char marks and flavor notes of citrus & herb.



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  • Prominent charring (double-sided on filet)
  • Premium, whole-muscle chicken
  • Made with chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever and no MSG
  • Fully cooked
  • Savory grilled flavor with notes of citrus & herb
  • Multiple form options (filets and nuggets)


  • Creates a more authentic grilled appearance and flavor that patrons can see and taste
  • Enables you to serve quality offerings that are consistently tender and juicy
  • Assures a product that both operators and patrons can feel great about
  • Delivers back-of-house efficiencies, greater speed to plate and reduces food safety risks
  • Provides your patrons the grilled format they want with a delicious flavor they’ll crave
  • Adds versatility for easy inclusion into current or new menu items