About Tyson Food Service

Who We Are

John Tyson founded our company during the uncertainty of a struggling economy. Much like today, it was a time that demanded courage. Courage to innovate. Courage to invest. Courage to endure. Today, his strength continues to inspire the Tyson commitment of bringing you the very best. Products you are proud to serve. Products we are proud to put our name on. It’s how we keep tradition Working the Heart of Your Menu. ™

Quality Control from Start to Finish

At Tyson, our commitment always has been, and always will be, to bring you the very best foods possible. We manage every step of the production process so you can be confident in the quality and consistency of the foods you serve. When it comes to the safety of our products and the trust of our customers, we simply refuse to compromise.

Source of Origin

Knowing the detailed history of all our chicken means knowing it’s right. Which stock it was bred from. Where it hatched. The feed it was raised on. When and where it was processed. And at every step, we employ critical quality control standards—standards that meet or exceed federal regulations—to protect the integrity of all our products.

Family-Owned Farms

For generations, Tyson has selected only the very best independent growers to raise our chickens. We provide each farm with state-of-the-art veterinary support, scientifically formulated feed, and technical assistance on subjects like sustainable farming practices and animal welfare. In fact, Tyson technical advisors visit farms every week to instruct and audit farmers on best-in-class growing practices.

State-of-the-Art Processing Plants

In order to bring you the safest, highest-quality meat products possible, our commitment to excellence continues throughout the production process. Our processing plants feature the very latest in production technology.

Consumer Inspired Support

By understanding what motivates your customers, Tyson brings you an extensive support system of recipes and menuing ideas, merchandising materials, and valuable offers specifically designed to meet their needs.