The 24/7 Lifestyle: Food and Beverage in Lodging

various sandwiches from Jimmy Dean and Hillshire

FOOD AND BEVERAGE in lodging operations has moved from being something that’s nice to have during only some dayparts to an expectation every hour of every day. While some service areas still operate on traditional daypart hours, additional grab-and-go options are being added throughout many types of properties to capitalize on the consumer demand for different options throughout the day.


This is actually a great opportunity for lodging operations as it has created new approaches and strategies for reaching guests, helping drive satisfaction as well as additional revenue. Gone are the traditional dayparts and now you can meet guests where they are in terms of late-night food options, mid-afternoon snacks, happy hours, etc...


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The grab-and-go opportunity has received a huge push in recent years because it allows lodging operations to meet consumer needs with the least amount of additional operational investment. While these types of menu items may have only been found in in-room minibars before, they’ve now moved to other areas such as pantries or lobbies or even newly created marketplace service areas, carts or kiosks.



"Convenient options can drive foodservice sales. 66% of business and leisure travelers said they would be more likely to order food at the hotel if it offered more convenient options."

—Technomic Lodging Study 2018


Likewise, while such offerings may have only consisted of small pre-packaged dry snack options, more operators are now offering items like salads or sandwiches. Adult beverages have been expanding in this space quite a bit as well.

Of course, the more you invest, the more labor can become a factor, but that can often be solved with high quality, pre-made menu items. 


This growing focus on snacks also means that the snack options and menu items will need to become heartier to satisfy guests and help keep them fueled throughout the times they choose to snack. All of this without sacrificing the lighter options for the more traditional snackers.


"80% of consumers say they snack between meals at least once a day,  57% say they snack between meals twice a day or more, and 52% say protein level is an appealing attribute when choosing a snack."

—Technomic Snacking Consumer Trend Report 2018


Regardless of the size or how filling each offering is, the most important thing to consider is flavor and quality rank. The growing interest in these new and unique options gives you the chance to impress and delight guests by incorporating more artisanal varieties into your operational offering.


Tips & Tricks

Having the right assortment of today’s most popular flavors can help ensure you appeal to your audience and are getting the most bang for your buck.

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